Better World Uganda (BWU) is an indigenous, membership non-government organization registered with the Government of Uganda.  Better World Uganda believes that every person, always, is in a kind of informal partnership with his/her community.  His/her own success is dependant to a large degree on that community, and the community after all, is the sum total of the individuals who make it up.  The institutions of a community, in turn, are the means by which those individuals express their faith, their ideals and their concern for fellowmen.

BWU believes that we have a beautiful, fragile planet where all people and all things are interdependent and interconnected.  Every action or inaction has an impact-good or bad –upon our surroundings, and anything we do today will have an impact on the lives of our grand-children in the near future to come.  The only way we shall survive is to join our hands and our hearts.  BWU therefore, by the people with the people and for the people endeavours, to promote environment conservation, agriculture, and health promotion, reduce poverty and injustices, strengthen democratic values, and advance human achievement.

From experience, such activities help to build common understanding, enhance excellence, enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their commitment to society.  It is a commitment to changing society for sustainability through efficient use of resources.



People can work together in communities to increase their well-being, and to make their lives wealthier, fairer, safer, more skilled, healthier and more sustainable, or ‘greener’.  But the potential for this cannot be taken for granted. The skills and values that we call community development help to make it happen.



“We strive to have a clean and sustainable environment with a socio-economically progressive society in a just world.”



(a) “By the people with the people for the people.”

(b) “Join our hands and our hearts.”

(c) “Changing society for sustainability through efficient use of resources.”



“We BWU are committed to be the most creative NGO/CBO in Uganda in service-delivery to all stakeholders/partners through environment conservation, agriculture and health promotion, poverty and injustices reduction, democratic values and advancement of human achievement.”


OUR CORE INTERVENTION:   Community Development