Civil society

CIVIL SOCIETY: How can donors and grantees use measurement to its greatest potential effect? How can they get better together? The solution demands that both parties trust and respect one another – and believe fervently that there is always room for improvement. Donors must make the effort to ensure that the the metrics they want to see are useful both as performance indicators and as tools that can help the civil society organization improve its results. And civil society leaders must find a way to measure data that will help them get better at what they do regardless of specific donor requirements. From experience, grantees that develop these capabilities are ultimately better positioned to do the measurement work required by donors, even when those efforts are directly different – possibly because of experience gathering meaningful data and analyzing it, and the organizational culture of accountability and results that can develop as a by product of that experience.

Birungi K. Desiderius
077 2 426 607
Executive Director
Better World Uganda
P. O. Box 406, Hoima-Uganda

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