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CIVIL SOCIETY: Where will our funding come from?
Indeed this is a strategic concern of any Civil society leader!
Financial sustainability is the top priority for organizations dealing with budget cuts and the shifting priorities of the donor community. Civil society leaders identified competition for resources and visibility as a key barrier for effectiveness. Several opportunities have been identified and even a necessity to rationalize and/or merge organizations in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Online technology, which can connect funders and beneficiaries, or individuals and causes, cutting out the middleman, is perceived as a significant challenge to traditional business models of international civil society organizations. Overall it is felt that, in this period of great uncertainty, and when resource competition is driving division, the sector would benefit from greater cohesion.

Birungi K. Desiderius
077 2 426 607
Executive Director
Better World Uganda
P. O. Box 406, Hoima-Uganda

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