Civil society- Government Cooperation Strategy

Civil society – Government Cooperation Strategy:
The cooperation of government with the civil society sector shall rest on the principles of mutual trust, partnership, participation and consultation, transparency and accountability.
Mutual trust, in the process of development and implementation of policies and activities, the roles of government and civil society sector are complementary. Their mutual goals shall be most efficiently accomplished provided that they are determined and implemented on grounds of mutual trust, of what to achieve and how. The government and civil society sector shall enter into a mutual relationship, unbiased and fully understanding the positive role of each counterpart in achieving common goals.
Partnership, successful cooperation between the government and civil society sector shall require partnership and division of tasks in order to be more organized in addressing the citizens’ needs. The partnership principle refers to mutual cooperation for a balanced dialogue and respect of various viewpoints in defining common goals of implementation. Whenever considered necessary, the government and civil society sector shall function complementarily by utilizing governmental intervention and civil society sector’s input within the boundaries of capacity and knowledge for all relevant areas and vice versa.

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