Civil society-Government Cooperation Strategy

Civil society – Government Cooperation Strategy:
The cooperation of government with the civil society sector shall rest on the principles of mutual trust, partnership, participation and consultation, transparency, independence and accountability.
Participation and consultation, the government shall involve the civil society sector in policy-making process to incorporate the interests of the the citizens in decision-making and implementation of measures.
The civi society sector shall employ its capacities and resources for quality benefit of the community. It shall represent various values and interests of citizens, and serve as a medium through which citizens shall receive information and express their viewpoints on the suggested government measures. Hence, the government shall be open to dialogue with the public for improved quality and strengthened legitimacy of policies.
Transparency, the activities to be undertaken by the government and civil society sector in view of the programmes and plans necessary to accomplish common goals shall be openly shared and accessible to the public. The government shall pay special attention to this principle of accessibility to information, participation in public policy-making and allocation of resources.

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