Core Competences for Success

Awareness of what surrounds you

We don’t leave in a vacuum either personally or organizationally. I’m conditioned by my family, my culture and I’m continually being shaped by the environment that I live in. I use the word “environment” to include everything that is outside of me, and that could influence me. The more I become conscious of what is influencing me, the more I can exercise my judgment and choice. If I’m not even aware of my surroundings and their influence, my intention alone cannot carry me through to accomplishment.

Likewise, an organization to be successful needs to continually be aware of what is going on with its clients, competitors and employees. We have to remember that awareness is about now, not yesterday or tomorrow.

In the personal context, awareness without empathy could lead to arrogance and could be a reason for break down in relationships. We feel valued when we receive the gift of deep listening when somebody else is aware of of our situation.

Birungi K. Desiderius
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