Core Competences for Success

Empathy for one another

Awareness and sensitivity are the foundation for empathy and mutual respect. When I begin to be sensitive to body language, the unsaid and motivation behind, that might allow me to inquire further. Once I’m sensitive to where you are and what you want, I begin to see new possibilities that I had never seen before.

Openness, mutual respect and trust are ingredients for a lasting relationship and, of course, for a meaningful conversation. Deep listening, not just to the words but the meaning behind the words, is the foundation for empathetic relationship. Empathy begets more empathy and is the source of creative partnership.

Empathy comes from the heart and engages with the spirit of the relationship. Empathy is the seat of passion, and when mastered, leads to compassion. It is important to let you know that I noticed what you did and such acknowledgement brings each other to higher state of functionality and vice versa. When you acknowledge me I become more sensitive to noticing what I can acknowledge in you.

Birungi K. Desiderius
077 2 426 607
Executive Director
Better World Uganda
P. O. Box 406, Hoima-Uganda

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