Core Competences for Success

Appreciation for each other and what you receive

It is always easy for us to find fault with each other and see what is missing or wrong. Unfortunately, focusing on what does not work leads to unleashing failure around us. We have to “unlearn” our patterns of identifying what does not work and intentionally concentrate on appreciating what works however minute that may be. Appreciating a person boosts his/her morale and makes him/her feel good.

I can only appreciate others to the extent that I appreciate myself. So appreciation is also about self acceptance. We rarely appreciate who we are and what we receive because of our conditioned expectations.

By the way, appreciation does not mean that one should accept everything and everybody and be inauthentic about it. Authentic appreciation, on the other hand, allows people to go beyond their own limits.

Curiosity, empathy, and appreciation provide the impetus for people to engage in an activity that is personally challenging and, hopefully, discover their own untapped potential.

Birungi K. Desiderius
077 2 426 607
Executive Director
Better World Uganda
P. O. Box 406, Hoima-Uganda

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