Agriculture Enhancement

Better World Uganda has adopted the community development model from India (Kudumbashree) which involves rural community development approaches. Farmers have been and will continue to be trained in the following;
- Construction of houses using both local materials (papyrus mats, bamboo sticks, grass and reeds, together with other materials such as iron sheets, bricks, timbers and nails.
- Poultry management systems in the following; Free-range system Deep litter system The cage system
- Basic structures of a poultry house.
- Walls
- Roof
- Floor
- Trench

Basic Poultry Equipment
- Drinkers
- Feeders
- Roosters
- Nests for laying birds
- Brooder

 Environmental conditions for a poultry house
- Temperature
- Moisture
- Ventilation
- Lighting in a poultry house

 Poultry sanitation
- Removal of cobwebs and dust from the walls
- Sweeping of the litter from the house
- Washing the house with water

 Farm hygiene
- Keeping objects used in poultry clean
- Minimizing visitors to a poultry house
- Keeping birds of the same age group in the same house
- Separate the sick birds to their own cages.
Management of broilers
- House maintenance
- Feeding ratios
- Water supply in broilers

 Management of layers
- Egg handling

 Management of local birds
- Feeding
- Preparation for laying eggs
- Preparation for chick handling

 General methods of improving local birds
- Vaccination
- Feeding of local birds using available foodstuffs and greens.
- Preparation for the chicks before arrival and warming the houses.

Knitting has been one of the activities that better World Uganda has continued to train and emphasize women to do during their times when they are off farming activities. This has helped most women to generate income through school contracts.


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