Road Safety Awareness Campaign

Better World Uganda is implementing the King Fisher Access Road Safety Awareness Campaign project with funding support from CNOOC Uganda Limited for a period of five months from 1st October 2017 to 28th February 2018. This report covers a period from 3rd October to 1st December 2017.

During this project phase we have continued to employ a participatory approach in pursuing our two main objectives of:
1. To improve road safety awareness among the users of the roads to Kyangwali and King Fisher access roads with a view to reduce their risks of road accidents during this period.
2. To ensure waste transportation is executed with due regard to safety of road users living along the routes to Nyamasoga Enviro-serve waste management site in Buseruka Sub county as part of impact mitigation from oil industry related activities.

The project directly works with Boda-boda riders associations, small taxi drivers associations, school children, community road safety volunteers, the general community and markets, Spice FM radio, Uganda traffic police, and the road maintenance brigades in Kyangwali, Kabwoya, Kiziranfumbi and Buseruka Sub Counties in Hoima District.

During this reporting period, we have registered a lot of success, there have not been any major challenges, no accidents happening due to the road safety sensitizations which is a credit to the project.

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