Soft skills: Smart skills for Organizations

Expect failures and learn constantly

Learning and Communication are two sides of the same coin. Learning creates the distinctions, and communication enhances them. When you speak mind the impact. Continually adjust what, how much, and to whom you communicate so that you can produce the results you require. We don’t become experts because we talk like them. The smarter we are, the quicker we may be able to pick concepts and ideas from others.
All of us have edges, these are the points where our knowledge is shaky and sometimes we know it. Be aware of your edges and seek assistance. In every role that you play, learn something and gain some new skills or knowledge. Pay attention to what you are learning rather than what does not work. When you demonstrate that kind of “can do” attitude, it get noticed.
Partnering and teaming are the most effective ways to learn. Listen to others carefully and completely when they are trying to help. If your mind is planning on what to say next while others are talking, then you are not listening. Being silent doesn’t mean you are listening. Asking questions and actively integrating what they said with your responses and plans make you a popular team-mate. Each opportunity that you missed listening to others, you lost an opportunity to learn. Curiosity, anticipation, childlike inquisitiveness and willingness to appear ignorant and make mistakes are the qualities that characterize high achievers.

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