Soft skills: Smart skills for Organizations

Build on your strengths and mind your core incompetence

In general, focus on your strengths and negotiate your role in the organization based on those strengths. The concept of core incompetence is to describe that aspect in each individual that interferes with accomplishing goals. In the early development stages of your organization, you might have to wear different hats to get the job done, but never assume that you can do all those jobs well. An organization is never the work of a single individual. As the organization grows, you will give away additional responsibilities to people with right set of skills and focus on making a contribution based on your core strength.
As the organization grows, what worked before might not work any longer. As the environment changes you might have to search for new ways to use your strengths. Identify the core competencies of your organization and focus on strengthening them. Pick one that you are strong in and build the organization based on that strength first.
Understanding what energizes you and taps into your passion can provide fuel for your journey. Clearly seeing your core incompetence will free you to move toward your goals. Losing sight of your passion might require that you take a break for reflection.

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