Soft skills:Smart skills for Organizations

Soft skills: Smart skills for Organizations
Focus on humility and self confidence
Humility is looking at life from different perspectives, not just from your own; it will allow you to see what others cannot. Humility gives you a perspective to do what needs to be done to make your venture successful. Arrogance can blind you. When you see yourself superior to other founders, smarter than your staff and directors, more capable than professional executives, you and your organization lose. It is that simple.
In conceptual and development stages of the Organization, you should balance humility and self-confidence, not arrogance. Listen to criticisms of your ideas and plan with openness but don’t lose your confidence. Don’t show-off or have an attitude of “holier than thou” or “smarter than you” because that puts prospective partners, who could be clients, collaborators, staff, off. It doesn’t build your future or create good “buzz” about you and your ecosystem. To partner with others, who have different set of skills than you do, and to hire and manage people better than you, you need to have a healthy sense of confidence in yourself. You must find the right balance between inner strength and outward humility combined with a genuine sense of leading a whole team and not advancing one’s isolated, personal gains.

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