Soft skills: Smart skills for Organizations

Focus on outcomes and process

Leaders are motivators, energizers, and liberators. They have passion for results. The essence of leadership is value creation and it happens through both process and outcomes. Outcomes give you the short term value and understanding the process allows you to create value over and over again. Focusing on establishing and communicating appropriate metrics for quality, process, completion, and delivery will go a long way toward success.

Hardwork is not equivalent to smart work. While long hours is taken for granted, the value created is the most critical of factors. By focusing on appropriate process and getting the results, you establish a culture of quality, attention to detail, delivery and accountability. You become less dependent on personalities and more on roles and what needs to get done.

Information is not knowledge. Giving information to others does not mean that they understand what to do with it and how to do it. Focus on what others are taking away. Check for understanding and follow up actions. Everyone must understand the context and environment in which he or she works.

Birungi K. Desiderius
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Executive Director
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