Professional Defensive Driving Project

This project provided professional defensive driving skills to 40 selected youth as a response to the opportunities in the oil and gas sector in the Albertine region. The project was jointly implemented by Better World Uganda as a lead applicant and St. Simon Peter‟s VTC as a co-applicant for the period of six months (July 2017-December 2017).

During the project phase, Better World Uganda implemented the following activities: Conducted 1 mobilization meeting with companies, drivers‟ associations and organizations, Developed a selection criteria and tools and ran adverts on public notice boards, selected 40 targeted drivers for the training, procured training materials, health and safety gears for 40 trainees, conducted trainings of 40 drivers in soft skills including „‟Do No Harm‟‟, business, environment and development and life skills, conducted follow-up visits, carried out field excursions and compiled monthly and end of project report to BTC.

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